An Indian Citizen’s Request Today

To the Government (Both Centre & States):

Please don’t focus on just image management. If you deliver on the ground, people will recognise and appreciate your efforts irrespective of what critics may say. I am certain that some of your party persons & volunteers who are tirelessly working on the ground to solve peoples’ issues will continue to retain that good will which will be beneficial for your party.

To the Opposition Parties (Both Centre & States):

Please be constructive in your criticism. While you are pointing out flaws and criticising Government actions, please also provide practical and workable solutions without politicising every Government action. If you have roadmaps, presentations on best way forward or solutions, please share it with the Governments.

To my fellow Citizens:

Forget what Governments are doing or not doing. Following COVID Appropriate Behavior is something, which we as citizens need to do, and it is something, which is very much under our control.



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Aakaash Singh

Aakaash Singh

Neither a capitalist nor a communist just an issue-ist|| ex-Policy Analyst with NITI Aayog. Interested in public policy & international affairs