Post-COVID Recovery: My Thoughts

Aakaash Singh
2 min readMay 10, 2021

Me & my family tested positive for COVID-19 in the middle of last month. Thankfully & by Almighty’s grace we had a mild version & have recovered , however we still continue to experience certain after-effects. Ever since we were down it has been challenging both physically & mentally for all of us as like many families across the nation, we have had to deal with the departing of our near & dear ones to COVID-19.

As I was recovering, I couldn’t help but notice how my own Whatsapp groups or social media handles were buzzing with desperate SOS messages which just added to my anxiety, sense of despair & hopelessness.

But the positive thing that has given me hope for our nation, that in spite of the increase in polarisation in our society I witnessed first hand how citizens, random strangers trying to do what they could to give another stranger/citizen a fighting chance at surviving this scourge.

My respect & admiration for all our frontline workers, health care personnel, logistic service providers, law & order personnel, field journalists/ reporters etc. has grown manifold as they have been going at this for quite a while, putting themselves in harm’s way with little rest or respite along with dealing with several constraints.

However, we must realize that they too are only human and are experiencing several issues physically & mentally. Many have fought valiant battles with COVID-19 but have unfortunately gone down fighting. Many professional bodies are keeping a track of how many COVID warriors have departed

It just got me thinking, is there a way to remember these unsung everyday life heroes? Is it possible for citizens, Central & State Governments to collaborate and create a database of all these COVID warriors? (With due regard to privacy & consent of their families)

Photographs and a short summary about these COVID warriors can be printed on Vaccination Certificates that Citizens receive after their doses.

Personally speaking if I were to come across these photographs/summaries, I would just pause and reflect & feel grateful to these heroes who have played their part in this battle to keep the rest of us safe.

Their images & stories would inspire me and would strengthen my resolve to continue to follow Covid Appropriate Behavior & help others in whatever capacity I can.

Friends we need to continue to follow Covid Appropriate Behavior to give a respite to our stretched health care system. Forget what Governments are/are not doing, this is something which each of us can control.

We will emerge but only if we remain ever vigilant.



Aakaash Singh

Neither a capitalist nor a communist just an issue-ist|| ex-Policy Analyst with NITI Aayog. Interested in public policy & international affairs